Why use it

Categories: 20 Dec 2013

But why Microdisks are so efficient?

There are a lot of simple reasons. The first one is that microdisk thanks to the thin thickness removes less material than a traditional disc, saving time and power in order to permit to low power electric tools to cut materials without reduction of disc rotation speed.

The second one is the consequence of the first one: the reduction overheating of the piece to cut with the advantage to reduce also the dilatation that usually causes friction on the sides of the wheel with power absorption, speed reduction and wear of the wheel.

The third one is the force: thanks to the thin thickness it’s not necessary to exert force on the electric tool, it is easier to handle it to obtain a better cut, moreover no problem to cut hard materials such as metallic nets. No difficulty also on thicker nets with higher duration for the engine and for the bearings.

The forth reason is the cut without burrs. The pieces can be immediately used without any other processing.

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