A great production capacity must not be a disadvantage to the quality. Abra Beta has an efficient and well-equipped internal laboratory for the analysis of raw-materials coming in and it is constantly researching of new compounds for a better quality, efficiency and environmental impact of abrasives.

A specialized Staff for “the research and development of new Abra Beta products” pays attention to every enquiry and suggestions coming from the market and it is constantly in comparison with customers to be able to supply suitable answers to all users’ exigencies.

The continuous demands coming from the market and the great professionalism of our technicians periodically bring us to study new lines of product and new mix more and more directed to satisfy the needs of the professional men of this sector. In the laboratory analysis all tests are carried out accordingly to EN12413 regulations fitted to guarantee the safety of the product, and the practical tests to verify the constancy of the quality.

Every control and research activity are made accordingly to ISO 9001 regulations taking care of all evolutions and improvements as per certification 2008 obtained by Abra Beta from DET NORSKE VERITAS.

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